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The folks who maintain the forum software we use have introduced a new feature -- the ability to restrict visible posts in a thread to an individual user. For example, in the tortilla pizza thread I started, I can now choose to posts made in that thread by one of the posters in that thread. I picked me. :)

In the thread, click on the three vertical dots at the upper right corner of a post by the user you want and this window will pop up:

Rectangle Font Parallel Logo Screenshot

Select Only show this user and you'll see only my posts in the thread:

Font Screenshot Operating system Rectangle Software

Give this a try when you get a chance; if you have problems using it, please let us know and we'll help as we can.

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Looks like it might be a faster way to search a long thread for a post from a particular person. Or maybe you are trying to go back and look at your own fasting BG numbers, you select the dots in one of your posts in the fasting BG thread and select "Only show this user" and wa la, all your posts.
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