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A Non-Invasive Wearable Glucose Monitor

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Quantum Operation, a Japanese healthcare IoT [Internet of Things] startup, claims that it has developed a Noninvasive Glucometer Wristband -- a needle-less and accurate blood glucose monitoring wearable that is capable of non-stop monitoring. It uses a proprietary spectrum sensing technology that accurately measures blood glucose levels through the skin -- technology that eventually could measure other vital signs, like oxygen saturation and heart rate.

Quantum Operation Non-Invasive Glucose Monitor: World's First-Ever Non-Invasive Needle-Less Wearable

No more adhesives and knocking off CGM sensors. The wearable they picture looks a little clunky now, but time and some more engineering likely will reduce the size. Or they'll be able to add smartwatch technology to it for an all-in-one system.
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Well I got no sound from the video, so don't know what they were saying.

I thought Apple was working on developing something like this for their watch, they already have EKG, and pulse Ox.

Wonder what all this light technology is doing to our bodies?
Sorry about the video sound (or lack of it). It's possible/likely they were speaking Japanese, though, so audio may not have been useful (I don't know enough Japanese to understand that kind of dialog). I know Apple is working on a non-invasive means of measuring blood glucose; I haven't read much about the technology they're using. One would think if they were participating with Apple, Quantum would have dropped that name somewhere.

Wonder what all this light technology is doing to our bodies?
Fair question. I've pretty much reached the conclusion personally that so much of everything is a tradeoff these days and we just get to pick the least ugly option for what we believe we need to do. I know that's not a universal sentiment.
I didn't know if there was no audio or if my laptop just wan't playing it. Sometimes I've got to mute/unmute or adjust volume to get it to play on my lap top. None of them worked on this one.

I lived in Japan for 3 years back in the mid 60s (4th, 5th, and 6th grade on an Air Force base). If they weren't counting to 10 or asking for more rice please, I wouldn't know what they were saying either.
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