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A very bad day indeed

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Hey everyone, on the heels of an already bad start of the day, I took the time to read a letter from my doctor from a physical I was coerced into taking. I have diabetes. It shouldn't come as much of a shock since my mother has it, but I've felt fine, and I feel fine. Being honest, I haven't had a physical in years, fearing this; opting instead to go the ostrich route of 'If I don't see it, it isn't there'. That worked out great.

You'd think my mother having it and me living with her I'd know more about it, but aside from her worrying about my weight we don't talk much about it. So, I have no clue about it, or what to do. For the last half hour I've looked up things about it, whether it's curable or not, and living with it. Dying with it. Dying FROM it. And to be honest it's done nothing but scare me. So, I figured rather than worry my mother more with the news I'd come here for some answers, advice, and...well anything really.

Between the bouts of crying I've been formulating a plan, or trying to; but I have nowhere to start. I'm not even sure if Im type I or II, the letter doesn't state. All I really have are a few questions that I'm sure most have when they first learn they have the big D.
I'd rather not have to prick myself or take shots since pain and needles are my kryptonite, is there a way to get to where Im not affected by it? It seems there's debate about it's curability/remission/stabilization/reversal so, what better place than here-or a doctors office-to get the information.
Thanks for reading my long winded post.
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I have diabetes.
Hello and welcome! If you don't have a glucose meter, then prob'ly the first thing you need is that little gizmo. If you have insurance, you may need a prescription for strips, but you can also get cheaper meters at Walmart/Kroger/Walgreen/etc., which have strips for a lot less even without a prescription. Get used to testing yourself throughout the day . . . first thing when you wake up (this one is called your fasting blood glucose or FBG), and start testing before & after you eat, also logging what, when & how much you eat. This will help you weed out the foods which cause the most trouble. Tests done after eating are referred to as postprandial readings, and they give us the best clues to how we're controlling our diabetes. Try to keep your readings under 140 (7.7)

A great website for information is BloodSugar101 . . . tons of good advice there & easy to navigate.
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