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A1C resalts.

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Hey I have seen my endo and I have an A1C of 5.9 MMOL/L and I am over the moon. :D :p ;)
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Hey I have seen my endo and I have an A1C of 5.9 MMOL/L and I am over the moon. :D :p ;)

Are you serious Peter?? :eek: Wow! I'd be over the moon also if I had that number. I only had that number once that I know of(since I knew what Diabetes was about) and I worked hard for it.

(My last 3 A1c's were all 6.3. My Rheumy(Yes, my Rheumy)told me my A1c on Tuesday was 6.6. Oh well, I'll have to get back at it).

Anyways, Way To Go Peter!! I'm sure that you worked Very hard to get that number and perhaps cut down on some of your food intake. :D Good Boy!
I want to congratulate you Peter! That is a very good improvement. Now you are in the nondiabetic range. My A1c two weeks ago was also 5.9. Does that make us twins? Lol! Keep up the good work. I have read sometimes poorly informed diabetics who have an A1c below 6.0 think they no longer have diabetes since anything below 6.0 is termed (in the USA) as nondiabetic.

Peter, are you importing your smileys? I do nt see the option anywhere on the posting frame.
Thanks Guys

Yes I am proud to have this A1C and I have been enrolled to do the DAFNE course and this will hopefully get me to stop chasing the insulin with food and also to loose the weight safely. ;)

Let me explain why diets become dangerous, Through my short ballet career I was told to eat healthy and no pizza's no soda pop's and the like as you may burn carbs to get the energy for the dancer. Diabetes is an uncontrolled diet as you have to manage insulin to our diet and result in low BG's. Since that we don't have the brilliant regulation that a working pancreas can do to match insulin to carbohydrate properly. DAFNE is a program that can do a better match than just chasing the insulin reaction. Not forgetting the other variations that change BG's like exercise, Mood, And the like. It's not a better treatment but far better than guess and shoot then eat. With better calculus you can just eat a set amount to what diets suppose to do. So what do you think guys?? :) :p
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Peter ,congratulations ,good results,I to have to lose weight
so i'll watch you going sometimes example are good for us;
i'll try on my side my Bg are getting better everyday now.So Peter keep up the good work .Bye Richard
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