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I have used A1cNOW and it seemed to be within 0.5 % but my daily average readings can tell me that so it is just an expensive curiosity to me.

My ACCU-CHEK average for 30 days is 102 mg/dl and I am very happy with that so I feel A1cNOW is just a waste of $30 and I am broke. And the doctor's arrogant/ignorant attitude ticks me off greatly so I have not gone in for my $10 office call with free to me lab tests for 5 months. The only tests that I am even interested in are my eGRF and triglycerides but they are still hung up on Cholesterol which i find irrelevant, but at 202 they want to put me on statins which I consider nothing but poison.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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