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I would love to hear your thoughts and interpretations of these results with my new battle with DP.

BG was 168 at 10pm about two hours after eating two "fred flinstone" sized fried chicken legs, arugula and tomato salad and 1/2 cup of homemade cranberry vanilla bean sorbet. @ 11:38 I was down to 108 (just about 4 hours from Apidra injection). So with my new strategy of dealing with DP, and since I was on a downward BG trajectory and still had some Apidra working, I had a 8oz yogurt milkshake (4oz local organic yogurt and 4 oz local non-homogenized milk) about 20g carb. I took 30u of Lantus and no Apidra.

At 4am I (& wife) awoke from ripping my apnea mask off. I wasnt (at least think) having BG trouble but took it off because of a crazy dream. My wife Chanda thought I was confused and told me to test my BG. I thought I was just sleepy. My BG was 109. I went back to sleep.

We are both on vacation until after the new year, so we slept in until 9:30 (dang I love vacation) but much to my chagrin I awoke at 245.

The obvious answer would be that I was either rebounding up already at 4 am or I was on my way down for a crash. Some may suggest that the large 30u dose of Lantus to be the culprit with which I may be able to agree. However, my endo and I have been tweaking the nighttime Lantus, and when she had me drop it to 22 last week I was waking >300bg. I readjusted back to 30 and had 3 straight mornings between 85 and 110.

Any thoughts are appreciated an please note that I am a t1.
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