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Well, I was dx'd in early July this year, with a 6.8, which I took to mean that it was caught early, or at least not as bad as it could have been. My doctor said diet and exercise, and very few strips, so I was forced to find foods that didn't spike me, and to eat them every day, every day, every day.... boooooring..... but I wanted to prove to him that I was up to the task, and I wanted to know right away how well I could control this, so I stuck with the very strict diet and ate the same thing every day. No soda, no juice. The only think I have had to drink since that day in July is water. No junk food at all, not even a cookie or piece of a brownie, and certainly no ice cream. Actually nothing good:-(

I read a lot, used the many forums and ADA site, and set about seeing how low I could get that number and it paid off with a 5.5

Somehow, I doubt I will be able to maintain that low, because I do need to shake up my diet, and without many strips, most of it will be guesswork, but its good to know I can be there if I give it my all.

I am 54, not yet convinced that I will even live long enough to suffer any debilitating effects from it if I stray and the number rises a bit, and without getting into my personal life and the depression I have been in for many years, I think this is a good thing, and hope that others can see that even someone who doesn't care that much about life, can affect their numbers in a positive way.

Mostly, I did it to prove it could be done. I don't like to lose, and I don't like the look the dr gave me when he told me he felt I needed a dietician and counseling or I would fail. I will give him credit for motivating me, but I don't really believe that was his desire.

The aggravating part is to take the test, and the lab refuses to give me the number, saying only the doctor can see it. My blood, my cash payment, my time, my number, and my disease, but I have to pay $80 to get the answer to "what was the number?"

I called his nurse and asked. She said she couldn't tell me because only the Doctor could evaluate it, and tell me, so I told her I had no intention of making any appt if I cannot be told something so simple over the phone, and that I would test myself at home, and save a ton of cash over a visit which is only going to involve him says "its 5.5, which is a good number, keep it up, now fork over the money"

About an hour later, the nurse called me and told me the number. What is ironic is that they had no problem having the nurse call after my fasting glucose test, and telling me flat out, that I failed, and am a diabetic. Bad news, they will tell, but good news is a state secret......

I pretty much hate doctors, and that is why I hate this disease so much, as it tethers me to one for the rest of my life. If only the healthcare debate was over the things that really matter in healthcare, instead of all the political lies and coercing that is going on.

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