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Perhaps this will help, kitty. Scroll down to chapter 5 - Display Messages and Troubleshooting.

Compact-plus Owners Manual
Awesome find... the answer seems to be on page 74...
• Blood was applied to the test strip too soon. Slide and release to turn off the meter and release the test strip, then turn on the meter again. Repeat the test, waiting for the flashing test strip and blood drop symbol before touching blood or control solution to the end of the test strip.

• The test strip was bent before the test started. Repeat the test with a new test strip.

• The measurement window is dirty. Clean the measurement window area and repeat the test. See Chapter 5, Cleaning Your Meter.

• There is moisture in the meter. Slide and release to turn off the meter. Let the meter dry at room temperature.​
I was thinking of trying the Accu-Chek instead of the Bayer Contour I've been using... This would be good to have.
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