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I stood in walmart for 20 minutes reviewing all the testing options. At last I found Accu-Check plus that said 'Drum of 17 preloaded test strips' on the box. But once home I found that is misleading, there are no test strips. The machine 'USES' a drum of 17 preloaded strips. On the side of the box in small print it does say 'test strips sold separately'. But to me after reading the Drum of 17 on the front i felt it was just informing me, as all other testing kits did.

I have showed this 6 different people. Every one said it is highly misleading. I've also researched on the web and find many, many other people that are mislead. the company 'knows' about this.

For new people, DON'T BUY THE ACCU-CHEK COMPACT PLUS, because you think it has some intial test strips.
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