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Okay, introductions done the appropriate thread so now it is time to see if any of you have some ideas for me ;)

I got diagnosed T2 about 4 months back, first empty stomach BS measure came in at 332 so it was a clear case....

Before I found out I lost 10 kg's and at the beginning of my medication I almost stopped eating carbs to get my BS levels down, plus I started exercising daily (30 min / 5 km run or similar on the cross trainer) which resulted in another 5 kg weigh loss. I started at 86 kg's and since I am 183 cm high I would like to get back in the vicinity of 80 kg. At the gym I got my body fat level measured and it showed that I should actually add on about 5 kg's of body fat which is the first time I have been told that as I have never been naturally slim but always had to look after my weight to stay below 90 kg.

Therefore I realised that I had to introduce (more) carbs back into my diet. However the increased carb intake plus additional food in general makes it extremely difficult for me to keep the BS levels down. The morning measures before breakfast are more often that not in the 160 - 190 area and I haven't managed to get under the recommended 120 for the last 3 weeks or so. So although my A1C has come from from 11,5 to 9,5 to 7,8 since diagnosed I am still not there and I don't feel in control....

I exercise 6 - 7 days / week, either I hit the weights or I do 30 mins cardio or a combination. This is working well as I have gained back about 4 kg's since adding the gym weights to my cardio about a months ago. However as mentioned above it comes at a price in form of lost control ( if I ever had control that is...) of my BS levels. I really enjoy my fitness routine and it clearly helps me with the BS level - plus I am shaping a great body as a bonus :D

I currently take the following medicine:

Before breakfast:
Actos (pioglitazone HCl): 30 mg
Amaryl (glimepiride): 6 mg

After breakfast:
Januvia (sitagliptin): 100 mg
Neurontin (gabapentin): 300 mg

Before dinner:
Amaryl (glimepiride): 3 mg

After dinner:
Neurontin (gabapentin): 300 mg

According to my doctor the current dozes of Actos, Amaryl & Januvia are basically the maximum recommed dozes and unless they are able to bring my daily blood sugar level under control he recommends insulin. He also says that this is high quality medicine and there are no other products out there that can do any better. I did try Glucophase earlier (850 mg morning & evening) but it did havoc to my stomach and didn't seem to make any difference on my BS levels. At the very beginning I was on AvandaMet for 4 weeks but that didn't seem to work either so for the last 3 months it has been Actos, Amaryl and Januvia. The Neurontin is for my legs where the nerves are really playing games with me, probably due to the high sugar levels.

I use an Accu-check Performa every morning to check BS levels and also the occasional check after a meal + 2 hours. I have never been under 100 in the last 4 months so at this point in time low BS values are not a concern....

I don't mind to prick my finger every morning but I must admit that I will go to great lenghts to avoid insulin injections. I am still in the hope that I can get some kind of function back into my pancreas with the help of the oral medication and exercise.

Based on all the information above if there anything I should consider changing, is my doctor correct regarding my medicine dozes etc. Basically any comments and / or own experiences would be much appreciated since this is all new to me.

Best Regards

PS: Should maybe mention that I have been completely off alcohol for 4 months, don't eat sugar except when hidden and unknown to me which happens occasionally, almost manage to avoid white rice despite my location in Asia which makes it difficult. No white bread or other fast carbs etc.
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