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Here is my regimen (not better, just different than yours). I use Lantus as my "foundation" insulin. Meaning that is my long lasting. I then use Humalog (really, the same thing as Novolog) with my meals. While Humalog last up to four hours in the body, it peaks fairly quickly at around 1.5 hours. I typically take it about 20 minutes before my meal to match my food. Depending on what I am eating, I might take it sooner or later than 20 minutes (this does make a big difference in my body).

Where I am a bit confused, is that I have seen a few posts recently stating fairly specific amounts of bolus insulin consumed each day. Mine varies greatly depending on the meals I am eating. If you are taking bolus only twice a day, rather than what is needed before specific meals, it would make sense for it to weaken between doses, thus giving you less control over your BGL. With that said, perhaps I am missing something as I am in no way an expert! :)


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