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The different insulins are pretty confusing, at least for me! What I take is NovoLog 70/30 and it is considered a basal or 'foundation' insulin. Active for 12-14 hours, while the plain NovoLog is active 4-5 hours supposedly.

Your varied use is exactly what I'm thinking would work better for me to control my times of higher BG during day. Then to possibly reduce my nightly injection 'foundation' amount and avoid lows! Of course my 'best laid plans' would be subject to thoughts from my Doc. I do not see an Endo, but the Family Doc does have considerable experience. About 3 years back I tried Levemir along with NovoLog and found that combination to not work well for me, while others have great luck.
Hi Larry,

It seems to me, and of course I am not a doctor, but you might do better if your doctor switch you to Lantus or another insulin like it, in place of the NovoLog 70/30. If I remember right, a 70/30 mix is like taking 70% of a long lasting insulin and 30% of a fast acting insulin at the same time. I was on a 70/30 mix years ago. That 30% part will have a peak time of a couple of hours after taking it and might be what is causing the hypos. A long acting insulin that has no peaks, like Lantus might work better. Again, just something to discuss with you doctor... and there are others on this forum way more informed than I am... I may be way off the mark.
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