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My post is a little off topic, but it does pertain to white vinegar. I have a gal. jug of white vinegar sitting on the floor next to a gal. jug of distilled water which I use for my cpap machine humidifier. One night when I was really tired, I filled my cpap humidifier, put it into the machine - donned my cpap mask and went to bed. I was laying there trying to go to sleep the odor finally filtered through to my tired brain "hey up there we don't like the smell of vinegar". Got up and thought to myself "How dumb can you get"?

Then I tried to rinse the humidifier of the vinegar smell and it was darn near impossible. After numerous tries - it finally smelled more normal.

Back to the idea of drinking vinegar and water, my MIL did this for years and said it helped her arthritis. Personally after my cpap mishap I am not ready to start drinking it yet. :)
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