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Hi Lauren-

Hang in there. This can be tough and scary stuff, but based on what you shared you're definitely on the right track.

With no other information it seems safe to assume that his lower extremity complaints may be diabetes- related. Many type II's have high sugars for years before detection. If this is the case, he can still recover but just like the problem didn't happen overnight he won't heal overnight. By managing his diet and meds he can keep his blood sugar low so will feel energetic and good, though his legs may still hurt for a few weeks or months (and it'll be longer before they're "healed")- it's really individual.

His diet sounds pretty good though I would enthusiastically echo the comments about him steering clear of fruit. All fruits. Forever. Also milk is roughly half carb, half protein, though the previous suggestions about heavy cream are right on - also milk products lose their carbs as they are processed, i.e. cheese has negligible carbs. The only one to watch out for is cottage cheese, not as processed as it seems.

Lastly, I noted you mentioned tomatoes. They are also a fruit and have an effect on most diabetics' blood sugar (as do onions, oddly enough). When cooked that effect is more dramatic, but even raw they can spike bs. I try to keep it to a few slices in a salad every once and a while.

Blessings - and seriously, this will become easy and familiar before you know it.

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Thank you so much for your kind and informative reply. We are starting to see more 7 readings than 9 so we are both feeling more positive. Our GP suggested he takes vit b12 for his feet and this also seems to be helping. I will let him know about the tomatoes and onions. Have a Blessed Easter.
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