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Advice to help my husband

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My husband is a T1 diabetic. He has had diabetes for around 5 years. He has never been very open with me about his diabetes and I stopped trying to ask. But recently due to other relationship issues we have talked a little about his diabetes and he has asked me to learn more about it so I can help him. So my questiom for both those with diabetes and those living with someone with diabetes is what advice can you give me to help my husband. And also what i should not do. Im still not 100 percent clear exactly what help he wants so any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the Forum, MollyMay! :welcome:

You'll find lots of info, support and the best kind of nosiness here.

Your husband is very lucky to have a spouse who is willing to learn and support him!

Getting straight to the nosy ... we need to know a little more before we can help you help your husband.

The Big Question is ... can he tell you what kind(s) of help he needs, and what role(s) he would like you to play?

Please read a lot, ask lots of questions and ... most of all ... please keep us posted!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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