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My Thunderbird email application is acting up & I've run out of fixes. It has decided that my inbox is full, and it won't take any more messages.

So like a dumbie, I believed "it", and moved all the inbox messages to the trash. Of course that had no effect whatever - it still thinks the inbox folder is full.

I thought well - we'll fix this - we'll just download a newer version. But 'newer version' still thinks the inbox folder is full. Not only that, but in the new installation, it managed to dig up 180 messages from 2008 (!) and had no trouble at all loading THOSE into the inbox! Once I got them deleted one by one, I thought surely it would recognize that the inbox is completely empty now, but NO. Still insisting it's full and will take no more messages.

So now I have a fancy new version of Thunderbird with several of the latest gadgets which I'm not familiar with, and all I wanna do is read my email. I could do that through the browser, since I have Gmail email, but I don't wanna have to do that! I want Thunderbird to handle my stuff like it's been doing all these years! Grrrrr! :mad: :mad: :mad:
Shanny: What is Thunderbird? I have never heard of it. I feel stupid for asking, but I am curious.:doh:
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