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I've been a Type II for about 14 years, and there have been times when I had good control and times when my control was hideous at best. I was morbidly obese, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, COPD, and arthritis and very little hope.

16 months ago my youngest son married a wonderful young woman who had a one-year old daughter. And I fell head-over-heels in love with this tiny human who became my "Instant Granddaughter". In the sixteen months we've been watching her, I've lost 116 pounds, gotten my blood pressure down to 116/60, my total cholesterol to 118 and my A1C is about 10.5.

This is a problem. I want to live long enough to see my little granddaughter (and her baby sister) walk down the aisle. So I figured if I could beat all my other problems, maybe I could beat this too. So... I start on the pump later this week. I'm nervous, scared and determined.


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Hi There Doug:

Don't feel bad. Most Diabetics fall off the wagon and keep falling
until reality finally stares most of them in the face and they start
back on the Good track. It's not easy but it's always worth while.

Having something/someone to make us want to start over and to
survive is a miracle in itself. Little ones certainly do have that
affect on us. A New Chance at Life.

I'm Glad to see that you are back on board. I must say that you
are a Great inspiration. That is a lot of weight that you have lost.
ALL your organs Thank You. Congrats! :)

An A1c of 10.5, as you know is high but imagine what it was before
or maybe you know. Using a pump is a Big help to most People. It
may take a month or 2 to get your basals, carbs and Lifestyle matched
up. But it will come. Getting your Dietician, CDE, Dr. and pump rep all
and in line will be a Big help. Don't be afraid to ask them what-
ever questions you need answered. Okay, I understand nervous and
scared concerning the pump. What happened to excited?? If you are
determined, you will make it. Great Luck!

You've started on a bright, New Life now which means you'll stay younger, longer especially since you feel better. (I'm just getting over the Flu so
by this weekend, I should be another 8 yrs. younger. ;) )

Take Care of yourself and of your sweet "Instant GrandDaughter". I'm
Happy for you. If you have questions, just ask. We'll try to help.
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