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Almond Flour Pancakes from Diana

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Well, there was no white flour or sugar in it at all. I used xylitol for the sweetener and half buckwheat, half whole wheat flours. I drained and rinsed the canned peaches, to get rid of the sugar syrup on them. It's not even very good. The version with all whole wheat flour is better tasting, and I suspect it doesn't affect my blood sugar much more than this version. Only time and testing will tell the story.

Time and testing: Had a piece for breakfast, with the cream cheese. 1.5 hours later, my blood sugar was 115.
All this experimenting gets tiring after awhile, doesn't it? And it's amazing that each of us react so differently to the same foods. I finally bought some almond flour so I could have some pancakes once in awhile. I used this recipe and they came out GREAT! OMG they were good! And only 1 carb per pancake (so I had 4!). The sugar free syrup is 10 carbs (sugar alcohols) per ¼ cup, so I think I'm going to get some DaVince syrup next time.
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I had same pancake today this morning with some customization. My wife put some onion on it while cooking... It was so tasty...

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