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Almond Flour Recipes that taste good

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Made these "english muffins" the other night. They are fairly low carb using almond and coconut flours.

They came out just like the image on the recipe. Beautiful. Put a little butter on one and took at bite. :vs_no_no_no: I couldn't get it out of my mouth quick enough. I don't even know how to express what it tasted like.

Anyone have a secret ingredient that might make recipes calling for almond flour a little more palatable?
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Maybe after this post I can post the url.
Sorry for the spam. Though it is usually tasty.

wholesomeyum dot com slash recipes slash two-minute-toasted-english-muffin
Sorry it wasn't good. Not all recipes I try turn out well.

However, there are a lot of yummy almond flour muffins and breads in our Recipes forum that are really good.

From my experience, most LC muffins are good. Not so good are the attempts to duplicate English Muffins.
Thanks I'll take another look here and see if there are some I missed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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