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Almost Healthy Again

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I had my chest cat scan done on Wednesday and I saw my doctor yesterday and I am excited to say that there is no more pneumonia. My doctor needs to call the medical supply company who is providing me with oxygen and the concentrator to arrange for me to have a pulse oximeter brought out over night to see what my oxygen levels are at night. The medical supply company WILL NOT just come and pick up their equipment unless you sign a waiver releasing them of any liability. They need proof that your oxygen levels are safe during rest and during activity. I can't wait to get rid of all of this junk. I was also well enough to get my flu shot. :hurt:
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great news!

i too, got my flu shot yesterday
Great news breezeonby,

I had my flu jab this week too. No pain!

Excellent news. My flu jab is on Oct 15th.
Breeze, I am very happy to hear of your progress! I hope you stay healthy for a very long time. ;)
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