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Alternative locations for Libre sensor?

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I'm having great frustrations with the Libre sensor. The recommended location is difficult, to say the least. The first sensor got caught in a sleeve and flipped out onto the floor with 4 days to go. The second, I knocked out of place (after 24 hours) on the car as I was getting in, and that made it useless, the last I knocked out of place on a doorway (after 5 days) because I lost my balance as I was leaving a room...

I want to know if anyone is using a less exposed location for their sensors, and how much of a difference it makes to readings. I'm not buying another one until I find out. They are too damned expensive to be having to replace sooner than recommended. That said, I think they are just wonderful, in how they keep track of your BGL 24/7.
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Was the sensor inaccurate or is your fluid off. The sensor is reading what was at your fingertip awhile ago. Maybe it has stabilized and the reading are close. Depending on where it is located and how much fat is there will help with the accuracy. I found my arm and chest give similar readings. So I use my chest most of the time. And I use 1 of those clear cover adhesive patches and it doesn't come off. It is a lot of slow peeling of the patch and then the sensor and lots of alcohol, the rubbing not the drinking.
I have had a few sensor problems. One lasted 10 days and died. Another read way low right out of the box. A third died after less than 24 hours.
I did find that I was inserting too hard. I now let the spring do the work. Let it sit a few seconds and remove the installer. patch it, scan and wait an hour.
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