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Alternative Nachos

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I was going berserk for some nachos this week. So, trying to stay away from corn products and flour products is pretty difficult when eating mexican style foods or tex-mex foods.

After doing some research online, I came across a chip company that makes alternative "tortilla" and "corn" chips out of cassava flour. Luckily, the grocery store I shop at has these in stock!!! (next time I will have to see if they carry the almond flour tortillas)

These chips are VERY hard to tell the difference from regular tortilla chips! Very light, very crunchy, and make AWESOME nachos!!!

Alternative Nachos

1 plate full of Siete grain free chips
Grated cheese or nacho cheese sauce
Pico de Gallo
Morning Star Grillers Crumbles (fake meat) cooked with some taco spice

I sprinkled a lot of cheese over the chips, then sprinkled about 1/2 cup of taco "meat" over that, stuck it in the microwave for one minute.

After taking it out of the microwave, I put some sour cream on it and several spoonfuls of Pico de Gallo.


I can't wait to see if the store has some of the almond flour tortillas next time I go, so I can have some burritos again! I sure have been missing my mexican food since going Keto!!!!
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I still eat Mexican food, no beans, no rice, no taco shell, no tortilla, and I still have lots to choose from.

Oh, why the "Fake Meat"?
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