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Alternative sites, and no not hippies

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Hi all. Lovin' the pumping life. I was wondering where you guys insert your set? I have been using my stomach but I am running out of places that don't hit my pant line and aren't reusing any of the other sites. I was thinking arms or legs etc. I have an animas vibe...
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Hello swervin....and welcome...I think I know what you are asking, but not sure! I think you are asking about different sites for injecting (Pumping?) insulin. If you are referring to people who have insulin pumps, disregard my comments.

I inject 26u of Lantus Insulin (slow acting) around my belt line every night. I rotate moving about 4-6 inches nightly. Not a problem from me...even though all of these sites are at or near to my pant line....I have never tried another site...
Got it.....thanks for clarifying!

As far as the div2live is a long story, but I will try and make it short!

Like most guys, when I turned 40, I had a mid life crisis, kind-of anyway (I was a bit late, I was 46...). Instead of leaving my wife and picking up a couple of 20 year olds, like some do....I just quit my job from a company I had worked for over 18 years. When I told my wife what I was going to do, she said ok, no questions asked! I told her after I quit I wanted us to get Scuba certified and 'we be dive'in! I further told her I wanted to go back to school and get an MBA! I guess this all was kind of my part of my 'Bucket List', except back then I did not have a name for it.

So that's exactly what we did....we got certified as sport divers and we traveled the Caribbean taking a long vacation to get it all started. Then after I got into Grad school... we went diving every chance we had...overall I think we did around 75 dives over that 2-3 year 20 years later, my diabetes has thrown a bit of a kink into my diving....but I have made great progress on LCHF losing weight and improving all of my 'factors'. So maybe we can get back to it....we have always wanted to dive in the South Pacific and of course on the Great Barrier Reef! And I love taking risks....

I found out a few years after we did all of this and after I found a good job following Grad School....that my wife was totally 'freakin out' when I first came home and told her.....but she is glad now she went along with me on it! We both had an absolute riot, traveling and the time one of our kids was married, one in college, and one a Senior in High we really took a chance, but I just knew it would all be ok.....and it was!
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