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I am an healthy male (or so I thought) of 28 years. Last week, I had to undergo a routine check up for some insurance company. Fasting Blood Sugar came up as 106, which apparently in higher than normal. Panicking, I ran to my doctor who recommended FBS again, followed by PPDS and HBA1C. FBS showed up as 107, PPDS 90 and HBA1C as 5.2%. My doctor is confused as well now and has suggested that I seek a second opinion. I am scared to death. Anyone here can point me in the right direction? What could be wrong?
Welcome to the forum! I would not panic if I was in your shoes, your fasting numbers are good and your A1C is great. Get yourself a cheap glucose meter and start testing at home as Shanny has suggested. Get a second opinion if that will make you feel more at ease. Life is too stressful alone without the added worry if you are pre-diabetic. Good luck and take care! Becky
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