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I am an healthy male (or so I thought) of 28 years. Last week, I had to undergo a routine check up for some insurance company. Fasting Blood Sugar came up as 106, which apparently in higher than normal. Panicking, I ran to my doctor who recommended FBS again, followed by PPDS and HBA1C. FBS showed up as 107, PPDS 90 and HBA1C as 5.2%. My doctor is confused as well now and has suggested that I seek a second opinion. I am scared to death. Anyone here can point me in the right direction? What could be wrong?

Nothing is wrong, Bhuvan. Your numbers are perfectly fine. Just do not worry and panik. Your FBS is just on higher border line and not out of range. If FBS comes out to be more than 126, for 3 consecutive times on a monthly basis, than it is suggestive of a pre-diabetec stage. No doubt, diabetes is a matter of great worry for anyone, but it is defenitely not a 'killer' desease, it is to be controlled well. To keep it at bay, one must follow a good diet and understand importance of regular exercise. In your case, looking to your numbers, I am sure, you're not a diabetec. So, Cheer up and relax!!

Neeraj, Ahmedabad, India.
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