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I have a question for anyone who would know. I was diagnosed with Type II a little over three years ago. I had been on Glipizide 10mg for most of that time. Now I have a new doctor who did an A1C test and said my numbers were high, along with my blood pressure and cholestrol..yeah me! Anyway, she changed my med from the Glipizide 10mg.X 2 to Metformin 1000mg. X 2. I am finding that I am ok at first in the morning when I take one half a pill(which dr. told me to do so my body will get used to it) so that is 500mg. by around 10am I am feeling lightheaded. After lunch I feel okay just basically tired which is normal for me. I wonder if just taking the 500mg in the am and the other half at night will be enough instead of the 1000mg X2 she wants me to take. Oh and another thing, I have an ileostomy so my insides are very sensitive to meds in general.

Thanks for helping,

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Hello Annmarie. Welcome! :)

It's Nice to meet you although I'm sorry to hear that you
were dxd. and the procedure you've been through.

You didn't say what your sugar levels or A1c was. If you
haven't already, I would be testing more often while starting
out on Meformin. Even After 46 yrs. with Diabetes, if I feel
dizzy, lightheaded, suddenly weak, etc., I test my sugar first
to rule out low blood sugar. Anxiety can also be a cause of

You should call your Dr. tomorrow since lightheadedness can
also be a symptom of lactic acidosis which can be a side-effect
of Metformin. It is rare but not good. We surely don't want
anything else bad happening to you.

But you should check your sugars so you know and write it in a
log book to show your Dr. or take your meter to show her. If
you are low then have a 6 oz. glass of juice, and a piece of
cheese, etc. Perhaps 500mg. x2 will work for you. As long as
it keeps your sugars in a decent range. That's the important

An A1c might show a 6.0 which is Good but that can also be
caused by fluctuating sugar levels which isn't good. That is
where a log or your meter comes in handy. Let us know how
you do. Thanks. ;)

Oh 54 is not old, by the way. :D
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