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My answer is no, not at all. I absolutely LOVE my food, look forward to it and savor it. I get more pleasure out of eating (and less discomfort from the "hunger" in between) then I ever have in my life.

The only time I have feelings like what you have described is when I don't get enough fat even while still "low-carb" - which by definition means some fat was exchanged for protein which becomes higher proportionally. This happens sometimes when travelling with limited food choices.

I am so ecstatic about food that friends and relatives think I'm a little strange when I go on and on about it. I would advise that you definitely COUNT all three: carbs, protein and fat because therein may lie the answer to your question as it does for me.

Find enough fatty foods that you can eat (or get used to eating over time) in order to get the appropriate proportions. Beware that most fat sources are also protein sources, making it somewhat difficult. Look for the highest-fat cuts of meat like boneless short rib, etc. - which are also the best tasting! With cheeses, look for at least a 2 to 1 ratio of grams of fat to grams of protein or better yet 4 to 1 (e.g., Kiri brand). They exist, but you have to read labels and shop around. Stay far away from EVERYTHING "low-fat" or "reduced-fat" as they will make things impossible unless you literally drink cups of heavy cream.

Then, you can add things like avocado, olive oil, butter, heavy cream, etc.

Low-carb, high-protein, moderate fat is for me a miserable diet matching all the descriptions you gave. It is not even as useful for controlling BG, since the protein is "one step back" after low-carb's "two steps forward".

Salim Morgan, T2
58 Years
DX: 9/2009 A1C=10.7
A1C 2/2010: 6.7 (DX + 4 months)
A1C 5/2010: 6.0 (DX + 8 months)
A1C 8/2010: 5.7 (DX + 11 months)
A1C 11/2010: 5.1 (DX + 14 months)
Diet: Approximately C:10;P:15;F:75 (as % calories)
Ketogenic (Most of the time)
Exercise: 24 minute bike ride 5 days/wk
NO MEDS, No Highs, No Lows
Grandkids: 11
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Ah, Hollandaise - great stuff! They serve it at our local pancake house poured on top of the feta-spinach omelet. Lunch is strictly optional after that breakfast (I usually can't).

This weekend I was travelling and suffering from insufficient fat. Looking around in Whole Foods, I actually found ready-made hollandaise sauce in a small plastic container. I took it to my father's house where we were all meeting for breakfast and poured it over my eggs. It made my whole day!

Main ingredients: butter and egg yolk! Nectar, it is.

Remember the trepidation we all felt when looking at BBQ ribs, ribeye steak or butter? That's how I feel when I see chicken breast, most fish or anything with "low-fat" written on it. Those things can hurt me and disrupt my balance.
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