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Hi everyone! First off, a little history about myself. I'm 29, female, very active, eat fairly healthy, maintain a good weight. My mother is type 2, just got diagnosed about 3 years ago when she woke up one morning almost completely blind (she never was the type to go to the doc for anything though).

I just had a baby 7 months ago & was borderline GD while I was pregnant.

Lately I have been having some very strange symptoms along with uncontrollable sugar cravings.

My hands shake, my heart feels like it's racing, unexplained bruises that seem to stay there for weeks on end, extreme fatigue... etc etc so I bought a monitor.

anyhow, I was having what felt like an adrenaline rush one day & took my blood sugar & it was 14.1. The next night it was 10.9 2 hours after dinner, the night after it was 7.1.

My last 5 fasting levels in the morning have been 5.7, 6.9, 6.8, 6.8, 5.6.

Anyhow, does this sound like I could be developing Type 2? Can it happen to people who are fit? I only read about people being overweight.

Thanks for the help!!

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Hello! Congratulations on your new Baby. :) Boy or Girl? I hope that your Little One is doing Well.

Unfortunately, even though a Person is fit and eating healthily, yes they can become a Diabetic.

Having a Family history of Diabetes is a risk factor. Having Gestational Diabetes usual turns into full-blown Diabetes within 10 years. It will happen sooner, if another Child is conceived. That happened to my Friend.

Most of your numbers and symptoms would qualify you as a Diabetic. Are you taking a medication or have another condition that would raise your blood sugar otherwise? Bruising is not a symptom of Diabetes.

You should definitely see your Dr. and report your symptoms to him/her. They will do tests to verify for sure if you have Diabetes. If so you will be diagnosed.

If you are eating properly and exercising but are still having higher numbers, then you will need a medication to help bring your numbers down and keep them more level. Many have success eating low-carb foods. YW! :)

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See a doctor.

Put your mind at rest as people cant really diagnose if they are not qualified.

I have been diagnosed T2 last Friday.

Went for a high blood pressure, cholestrol check and ended up type 2.

My Blood Glucose was 16 and with 1000mg of Metformin and then after a week it came down to 7 - 8 mm/l after 2000mg Metformin after the first week.

My Blood Glucose is around 7 - 8 mm/l in the morning when i wake up.

signs are urinating a lot, blurry vision, wounds taking slower to heal, If Diabetes runs in your family you are more likely to get it.

Normal Blood Glucose is around 4 - 7 mm/l.

All the best.


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