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I am curious if anyone has heard and/or take the hormone amylin. I emailed my endocrinologist and told her of my worries about my possible insulin resistance. I thought I was developing it because I started getting high (above 200) soon after I eat a meal, and would not come down within range for a long time (around 4 hours). I was told to look into the possibility of amylin treatment, which is designed specifically for type 1 diabetics. This is what I found:

Healthy beta/islet cells produce insulin and Amylin. Type 1 diabetics do not have working beta cells and thus do not produce insulin or Amylin. Amylin regulates the livers production of glucose and counters the insulin resistance that results from cortisol (i.e. the hormone produced when one is stressed). Amylin also slows the rate at which food is released from your stomach. When people eat their liver sometimes produces glucose.
To make a long story short, type 1 diabetics likely do not produce Amylin (due to malfunctioning, or just nonfunctioning, beta cells). Consequently, they lack a hormone that a) slows the releasing of food from stomach, b) regulates the livers production of glucose, and c) counter balances cortisol. Any or all of these could explain my apparent insulin resistance, or so it seems.
Amylin is supposedly taken in the form of a shot. Has anyone heard anything about it?
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