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Gosh Amy . . . it IS good to know your doc takes you seriously & moves fast when she need to. Too bad they didn't turn up anything, but you've sure had a workup that they can refer back to for while now.

It happened to me once too - I wakened with a stiff neck & it felt like my neck just didn't want to hold up my head anymore. I couldn't get comfortable lying down either, so I lazed in the recliner. My better half advised me to not take anything for it until he called doc.

Doc got me in that morning - he was running me through some standard reflex tests when all of a sudden things moved into high gear. I was whisked away to ER & he called in a neurologist. They moved me to an isolation room (those nifty ones with two doors, y'know? I think it's a negative pressure room) . . . they suspected meningitis! Turned out it was "only" a bulging cervical disk, but I spent 4-5 days in the hospital while they turned me insideout, upsidedown & sideways. You come outta there shaking your head wondering "what just happened?!"

Hope you're feeling okay & don't have any more blind episodes - that's a little too scary! (((Amy)))
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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