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And yet again....

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It's me again...after typing the previous post, my son came home for lunch. He was having a mild hypo attack.:eek:
I tested his blood sugar, it was 3.2. He was shaking, had beads of sweat on his forehead and very pale and clammy. I gave him a juice box containing 15 gms. carb. Sit and wait 15 mins. Retest and got 5.4 reading. Wait. Gave usual dose insulin and had his lunch. Rest. I took him back to school and kept my appointment with his school principal and nurse. Now I wait for him to retest. Should I lower his breakfast insulin by 1 unit? He takes 8 units humalog and allowed 50 grams of carbs for breakfast. Or should I up his carb intake by 10 grams?
Thank you!
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Yes, it's the law of small numbers, and Dr. Bernstein explains it here. Again, this is a type 2 opinion, but Dr. Bernstein is a type 1, and firmly espouses low carbs > less insulin > smaller swings in blood sugar.

I could just scream at those useless professionals . . . they want to put him in a box to fit their exact protocol, and they couldn't care less what he's going through.
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