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And yet again....

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It's me again...after typing the previous post, my son came home for lunch. He was having a mild hypo attack.:eek:
I tested his blood sugar, it was 3.2. He was shaking, had beads of sweat on his forehead and very pale and clammy. I gave him a juice box containing 15 gms. carb. Sit and wait 15 mins. Retest and got 5.4 reading. Wait. Gave usual dose insulin and had his lunch. Rest. I took him back to school and kept my appointment with his school principal and nurse. Now I wait for him to retest. Should I lower his breakfast insulin by 1 unit? He takes 8 units humalog and allowed 50 grams of carbs for breakfast. Or should I up his carb intake by 10 grams?
Thank you!
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So right now, he had his 3rd episode of hypoglycemia. I notice that he has these episodes after his meals and Humulog. The past 10 days we had him stabilized at 8 Humulog at breakfast, 55 grams carbs. 7 Humulog , 70 grams carbs for lunch. 9 Humulog 70-80 grams carb for dinner. His blood sugar readings were mostly 5s and 6s. These episodes only started this morning. I'm suspecting that he is honeymooning quite fast and thinking that for bedtime Lantus, instead of his normal 15 units, drop it to 13 units. What does anybody think? I guess I also have to do a 3 am check and try to monitor him overnight.
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