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Another idiotic diet article ...

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Posting this one just makes me feel like ... a crank! AUUUUGH! A diet of BEANS, OATS, and LF DAIRY darn near did me in! What is wrong with these people (aside from the fact that they are NOT DIABETIC) ;)
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Girls, There's one missing ingredient to all of this and yes I know there's a ton of Carbohydrates in there. :(

Can you guess what that is? :rolleyes:

I am sorry girls.​
NOPE! What is missing ... ?
Aww Linda, you would know. Sharron, would you know? I am goi'n to sit on the fence until I get an correct answer.
Well I hope you brought a cushion and a snack along, Peter, because I dunno what's missing either! :D
Well wile I look at American history on JFK's assassination on the tube. I know what you cannot do Sharron as it's plain to see. Maybe Linda and I can but you have an excuse.
But I gotta tell ya, there's a huge dearth of COMMON SENSE! Carbs raise BG - ergo, stop pushing carbs! How hard is that?!
I see carbs like fuel and I will use it like fuel, But then if you cannot use the fuel then you will have it around you as FAT!!! No matter how much carbs that you avoid.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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