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I, like Jaye, live in WA state (Jaye, we have kids in Mukilteo/Everett). I on the east side of the state though.
Went in for an outpatient procedure in October and they test everybody automatically for diabetes. What a shock to have 'you may be diabetic' handed to you just as you go 'under' for your procedure.
At that time it looked pre-diabetic. But follow up showed T2.
Well, shook me relatively hard. I survived breast cancer. I can do this. I was an obese, lazy, old gal. Mercy, has that ever changed. I walk, briskly, every single day. Rain, snow, shine. Used ski poles for walking sticks last winter.
Have lost 30#, gee, only 71 more to go. :eek: But, it is a start. Revamped my meals completely. I had, 24 years ago lost 92# and kept it off for 20 years. So, I know what to do.
DH has terminal colon cancer, he needs to eat like this too.
Am I afraid of this? Nope. My first 'real' job was on a diabetic ward of a hospital (way back in the stone age). So I know what can and does happen if you mess around with your information. I do not fear it, but I do respect it completely.
You will never find me saying/asking 'why me?' My answer would be 'why not?' With my genes and recent lifestyle, good grief, I am surprised it didn't nail me sooner.
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