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another newby

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Hi all my name is lynne i am 51 and female i live in south wales uk i was diagnosed type2 july 09 with a random blood test no big surprise as my mum and two brothers were also type2 my hba1c was 8.9 but with lowering my carbs and walking for 1 hour daily i have managed to reduce it to 6.6 after 3 months so no meds for now dr said to carry on as whatever im doing seems to be working i have also been dieting for nearly one year and have lost 58lbs .I am looking forward to getting to know you and picking up great info from you all .best wishes to all Lynne:)
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Welcome aboard, Lynne! Boy I'll say what you're doing is working! Is it EVER working! I'm betting you have just as much info for US, as we have for you, and that's the great thing about a community like this - we all gain support & knowledge from one another & make strong new friendships too.

Thank you for joining us - I look forward to getting better acquainted.

take care,

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That's the kind of good sense we need more of in this world - teach by example! Now you & your daughter have both benefitted greatly from your sensible approach. Way to go, Lynne!
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