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I was recently diagnosed with Type 2, 14 wks ago, though I've been insulin resistant since I was a teenager. I'm also 14wks pg with #3.

My OB put me on Glyburide and I take 5mg twice a day. I eat a strict diet and have 5 meals/snacks per day.

On 2.5mg 2x day, my fasting numbers were in the 120-130s. Since going from 2.5 to 5mg, my fasting numbers dropped to under 110.

OB wants it below 90. So, I cut out my evening snack, and got them under 100, but still above 90. My 2-hour numbers are always under 120, usually right around 100 - unless I have something I'm not supposed to - which I do treat myself once every two weeks, and even then it's usually not over 150-160. If I wait 3-4 hours between meals, my pre-meal numbers are under 90.

Well for the past four days, I've been sick, up coughing most of the night, and my fasting numbers are between 100-110. I have also been feeling hypoglycemic through the night and in the morning, despite what the numbers say. I wake up with stabbing pains of hunger and dizzy.

Last night I felt worse than usual, shakier and harder to speak. I did have a higher carb meal (75g), which is unusual for me, and my 2-hour number was 126, an hour later it was 63. So I decided to have that evening snack so I wouldn't crash overnight. I had 30g carbs, 15g protein.

This morning it was 106.

I'm wondering if it's because I am sick and up most of the night coughing? Or am I dumping glucose at night?

Should I wait until I am better to see if this continues before consulting with my doctor? I don't think fasting between 100-110 is harmful, so I'm not inclined to make a big deal out of it. But I am concerned.

Thanks for any help!
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