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Any suggestions ?

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I am new to this forum but not to diabetis:(
Can anyone tell me if there is a product for Type 2 which is only taken once a day ? I am on Novomix 30 Flexpen and am struggling looking after my 86yr old mother and seem to `forget` to take it at breakfast and dinner times as a result of tending to my mum.:confused::confused::confused:
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Thank you very much for your kind message, I did start with diet only, then onto to different tablets and then the insulin I now take. My db nurse told me it is just the pancreas saying - `cant be bothered to help your body anymore`!
Totally agree with your views on Drs. And thanks for your input and thanks for the good luck - recipricated.
Have been on Metformin and not compatible with my body! Been on Lantus but they changed me to the one I`m on now Thanks for the input though.
My diet allows me to loose weight so that I am NOT gaining any lbs, when I say all kinds of things I mean varied and at the right times, and when I say can`t explain diet, its a book I work from, so you want to know buy it yourself. I am not stupid I know what carbs do. When I take my insulin everything is fine, its when I forget that things happen! I am asking about Insulin that can be taken once a day. As you so gracefully(!) put at the end of your msgs :

I am not a doctor this is what works for me - everyone is different
Thanks for your reply, I cannot take Metformin it gives my diahorrea!, Lantus was changed by my doctor. All I am getting is negative feedback from this site so I am going to unsubscribe. Thank you all.
Unsubscribing due to bullying (Sounds like)

Except for onaughmae and Joshua I find othe other members sound like bullies. Thank you both for your support as I unsubscribe from this.
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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