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It seems like now days people are taking vitamins more and just want to know what kind of multi-vitamins everybody is taking to keep them healthy and energize :D.

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Do you think there is any real difference between Walmart vitamins and the more expensive kind?
Hi Marla:

Wow, you have 4 Kids. Congrats. :) I hope that they are all
well. Sounds like your Christmas is Fun and busy for you.

Well if you believe what you hear in the news, it seems there
are companies that make vitamins and either there is not the
stated ingredients in the pills or there is less than the stated
doseage in the pills. That's disappointing.

We've tried many different vitamins through the years but
we've never tried Walmart vitamins and probably never will
since we use either Jamieson or Centrum. They both seem to
be trusted products.

That's a Good question. I would hope that the more expensive
one would be the better product but as we know, that's not
always the case. Since we don't carry labs in our back pockets
to test them, whatever vitamin we choose we just have to hope
that it has what is stated on the label and is doing the job helping
our health the way they are supposed to. I'm way past hoping that
vitamins will give me the extra energy I would like so I mainly just
eat a variety of foods to get most of the real vitamins and take
the otc as a hopefully "cover-what's-missing".

Some say the cheaper ones work as good as the expensive ones.
Some pharmacists even take home the expired vitamins since they
say the ingredients are still active. They should know.

Since you're in the US, here's a bit from your FDA about vitamins if
you haven't read it already.

Any vitamin has to be of some value. ;)

Fortify Your Knowledge About Vitamins

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Along the same lines as muti-vitamins, how about herb products? I ask because I keep reading about a offer from Vitabase (a vitamin company) where they will send you two bottles of their Blood Sugar Formula for free. I have actually signed up and received the product, but now wonder if there is something I should consider before starting to take it.

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Hi Sugarhigh! :)

Sorry, I just got back from my Eye Dr. and of course he dialated
my eyes so I can't see the Best right now.

The only things that I can think of:

-I don't think you mentioned if you are on any medications that
may react with the herb(unless you asked your Dr. about it first).
At the very least, I would ask the Pharmacist if it would react with
any meds. that you are taking.

-I would also ask the Pharmacist if there is a problem with Diabetic's
taking that particular herb. You never know.

-make sure that you read all the fine print so if you have a side effect then you will know as soon as it happens and hopefully it says what to do.

-since you have purchased these herbs and will probably use them,
I think it will be better to start them in the morning when you are
awake and your Dr. is at his office.

-I would definitely not advise you to stop taking your meds. for
Diabetes if you are on any.

-write in your log so you can keep track of anything Good or Bad
that is going on with you while using these herbs.

That's all I can think of at the moment. I hope that you are doing
well. Feel free to post us so we'll know how you are doing and if
you see a difference in your blood sugars. Good Luck. ;)

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I'm also using multi-vitamins, but also the cheap kind (from a supermarket)
I do not take other kinds of herbs, because it's a bit riscy in combi' with diabetes, just like Terrie said I think there should be a carefull approach about herbs and diabetes.
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