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Hello Everyone,
Anyone trying Ayurvedic/Herbal medicines to treat Diabetes??
I researched on the Internet and found many useful home remedies which I'm giving to my Mom.
The first is 2-3 soaked almonds early in the morning after waking up. Almonds are said to lower blood pressure as well as glucose levels.
The second is "Jamun Gutli" found in Herbal medicine shops which is very useful in treating blood sugar.
The third is "lady's finger" soaked in luke-warm water and then the water is taken early in the morning (not the lady's finger itself).

I followed these home remedies and gave it to my mother for almost 2 weeks and her glucose levels came to normal. But still her doc prescribed her some medications with the following composition (Glimipiride 2mg and Metformin 1000mg). The doc had told her to take 1 tab morning before breakfast and 1 tab before dinner.
However, I've asked her to take only 1 tab a day(in the morning).

I wold also like some input from respected members regarding this. :smile2:

Thanks and regards,

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From this product on Amazon
Jambul seeds contain a glycoside, named Jamboline which helps in the maintenance of glucose levels that are already in the normal limits.
There have been many herbal remedies for diabetes mentioned on the forum over the years. It seems these products are promoted by the manufacturer or website wanting to sell it. I've not read any report that any herbal actually helps lower blood sugar significantly so that the diabetic can eliminate medications.

I would caution reducing your mother's meds.

Does your mother have a meter and is she checking her blood sugar? Or is it only taken by the doctor once in a while.

The almonds could be helpful if your mother has a rise in blood sugar in the morning - called Dawn Phenomenon - in that a little bit of low-carb food would signal that one is eating so that the liver would stop producing glucose as it does for everyone as part of the wake-up process.

A good site for a good education on diabetes - Blood Sugar 101 You might find it interesting reading, and I know, for myself, it helped me understand diabetes better. The section "How To Lower Your Blood Sugar" is a way of testing blood sugar so that one can make dietary changes. This is a very good way to help manage diabetes.
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