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Anyone using a medtronics 670G with sensor?

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Switched edo's and the new doc tested me for type 1 diabetic and it turns out i'm a type 1. She wants me to go on medtronics 670G pump with sensor. The medtronic rep got my insurance to cover it 100%. New to pumps. Injecting insulin 4 to 6 times a day for almost 2 years which really doesn't keep my blood sugars in check. I'm currently taking 76 units of Tresiba nightly then fast acting novolog when i eat or drink anything with carbs. Anything i should really know about using a pump for the first time? Esp this new style of pump that checks my blood sugars every 5 minutes and makes micro adjustment to my insulin amounts.
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I liked your post for getting a new endo that tested and you now know. I don't know why that most doctors just assume type 2 and don't wonder that you BG is not getting in control because they might be wrong. Their first thoughts are almost always it the patients fault.

Another good book is Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner.
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