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anyone using wii fit?

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We got the wii fit game, and some of the activities are quite fun! I have such bad feet that going for a long walk is not always possible, but going on a wii fit run is always doable. i like that the game keeps track of my weight, lets me set new goals, and is fun! Anyone else playing?
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I don't think anyone has mentioned having one here. How much did you pay for it? I think my Husband said they were about $380.00(before tax) over here. I'll have to look it up. They should be cheaper somewhere around. I say, anything that will cause a Person to move, go for it. I didn't realize that it kept track of your weight. Plus it sounds like a lot of Fun too.

I heard that they fixed the original problem that caused the People to break the machines and even the t.v's. :eek: :D We will probably end up getting one also. Good to hear that you's are enjoying it. Thanks for mentioning it. :)
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