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Anyone with Autonomic Neuropathy

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Need help dealing with this.
I am tired all the time. My BP drops when I stand up. My stomach does not always work - gastroparesis. I can't tell when my BS drops too low - even less than 40. And my mind is no longer clear.

I am taking numerous medications. I have good days and bad days.

Has anyone else had this problem?
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Hi, welcome, I have heard of this but have no experience with it. Hopefully someone else will come along who is more familiar with it. Also with pancreatic transplants.

Welcome to the forum -- it is slow, but a nice one!
I have heard discussions of this on other Diabetes forums. I think it is hard to diagnose and many doctors miss it. I think they treat the individual symptoms. I know one woman thought her Chiropractor gave her the most help.
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