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Wish my numbers today were an April Fools joke. Fasting 5:50 am 119

Post exercise snacktime: 115

Lunchtime, post 7 g carb: 148!!! Took 3U Novolog.

2 hr later: 99.

WTH, insulin is here and working.:(

The insulin when first prescribed was only for dinnertime. Moving on to the next step of 2x / day it looks like.

arggghhh... don't you hate days like that! I get them all too often lately... I like seeing the good numbers... but I also get not so good numbers within the same day usually. Have to not worry or stress as that just makes it worse. All we can do is try our best.
It's 2 APRIL where I live.... we're a day ahead of you guys almost (well I remember that AZ was 15 hours behind us).
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