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I think we are going a little far blaming the pizza and french fries served at schools for all the disease in this country. There are so many other factors like genetics, lack of exercise, lack of recess and playground equipment. Lack of access to community sports. I raised 5 kids and each one brown bagged it to shcool at least 4 days a week. On Pizza Day they usually would bring money to buy the pizza but that was only once per week. They were more afraid of the mystery meat casseroles. Our schools did serve veggies and salads but according to my kids they weren't very good. Most school districts are now millions of dollars in the Red and tax payers are saying NO to levy increases and higher property taxes. I am not sure it is the Government's responsibility to provide organic, healthy food. Many schools also offer breakfasts and some dinner as well as lunch. Parents do have some responsibilities to guide the way their children eat. Unless you are also going to ban every Pizza shop and Fast Food place that serves french fries kids will always want those things. I think it is better to teach your kids through example at home what is healthy and what is not. I was a vegan before diabetes and ate a very healthy diet, it didn't do me much good. So you are not going to stop Diabetes by serving more fruits and veggies. College cafeterias have found a good solution with Stir Fry Stations, Salad Bars, Omlette Stations and yes Pizza Stations. That gives kids the option to pick something healthy. Of course most of us pay close to $8000 for room and board for 9 months at college.
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