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To All Australians.

From now till Jan 2012 you can buy any Accu-Chek meters and gets a full rebate from Why Pay More? Stop Paying Too Much - Chemist Warehouse

Accu Chek Performa : $40 rebate
Accu Chek Performa Nano: $40 rebate
Accu Chek Mobile: $60 rebate.

I have contact Welcome to Accu-Chek and brought 2 meters from chemist and got my rebates voucher and going to send to Accu Chek Australia.

Remember when you buy from Chemist Warehouse, you need to ask them to give you the rebate voucher and their company STAMP on it and follow with the receipt and send to Accu-chek. Without this, you cannot get the rebate.

I paid $101 for my Accu Chek performa nano and Mobile from Chemist warehouse and I got 2 vouchers ($60 and $40) from them.

For those who are new and just got diagnose, you can ask your GP to give you a form sign by your GP and send it to NDSS (National Diabetes Service Scheme) and you can buy the strips cheaper.

Most of the test strips for 100 = $36 not NDSS members / $14.70 NDSS members and $5.60 NDSS Member and Concession Card or health care card.

Syringes = FREE from NDSS.

For more Information please jump to NDSS - NDSS Australia and Diabetes Australia - Diabetes Australia

PS: I know a lot of meters are free in the USA but sadly it is not in Australia.
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