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So, I know better, realllly I DO.

Last night I fed the kids homemade bean burritos, and mixed veg (corn, carrots, and asparagus).

I was LAZY ... wanted to get to our movie, so I had a veg burger (2 g carb), 1/3 c cottage cheese (3 g), 3 olives (1 g), the mixed veg (6 g SIX stinking g!!!), AND ... one piece of unsweetened baking chocolate, 2 g for a GRAND TOTAL of 14 carb g for dinner.

2.5 HOURS LATER: 164.

I DO make carbs outta thin air, I SWEAR it!

This morning, after 10 U of Lev ... 128 Pee YEW!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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