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Avacado question

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The grocery store where we shop has just recently started selling avacados. Can anyone refer me to a link where I can learn how to choose a 'good' one? The avacados that the store sells are either a very dark green, almost black and also they sell green colored avacados.

Sometimes when I cut them open, even though they appear unblemished from the outside, - the flesh inside is not just green but brown too. Right now the price is reasonable, but in a few weeks they will be going for $1.25 each.

Thank you for any response.
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I buy Hass. I just feel them. if they give a little they are good. depends on what & when you want to use it./them.
soft ones can be made into dips etc right away. harder ones for slicing to put on salads etc.
I only buy one or 2 at a time. I use it right then & there.

Love avocados..

I pay .99
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