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Avacado question

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The grocery store where we shop has just recently started selling avacados. Can anyone refer me to a link where I can learn how to choose a 'good' one? The avacados that the store sells are either a very dark green, almost black and also they sell green colored avacados.

Sometimes when I cut them open, even though they appear unblemished from the outside, - the flesh inside is not just green but brown too. Right now the price is reasonable, but in a few weeks they will be going for $1.25 each.

Thank you for any response.
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I just bought 3 avacados at the grocery store the other day and made guacamole dip for new year's eve. I think I'm about the only one who really eats it when I make it, but it was very good. I have about 1/4 of the dip left because I've been snacking on it since last night! When I buy them I choose ones that are slightly soft to the touch. Too soft and they are too ripe, too hard and they are not ripe enough. It all depends on when you plan on using them as well. I was planning on using right away, so I went with a slightly softer to the touch.
I use a recipe given to me by a friend who made guacamole and brought to work. I thought it was wonderful so he gave me the recipe. 2-3 avocadoes chopped, 1 tomato deseeded and chopped, 1 small sweet onion diced, garlic minced, salt, juice from one lime, cilantro (optional), tabasco or hot sauce to taste. I just add everything in the food processor and pulse until desired consistency. Use with Optimists crackers for a delicious nutritious and low carb/high fat snack! Yum!

If you want to go the cheaters way, you can use the avocadoes diced up, and add a jar of whatever strength salsa you like (hot/medium/mild), add lime juice and blend in food processor. Quick and easy, less mess, and you got a nice snack.
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