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Nice to learn about avocados here :) I eat about 4 a week. I buy them all hard, and eat them as they get soft.

My favorite simple way is to put half on a slice of toast, sliced up and spread around, and add some seasoning salt. The half with the seed in it will keep a day with hardly any change. I just pop the seed out the next day and slice off a layer of the surface.

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This sounds really delicious and the quantity sounds about right too. My husband is a very easy man to cook for and he actually is fond of the jalapeno peppers. Is the jalapeno the one that requires the wearing of rubber gloves while handling it?

At our Hispanic market they sell limes 10/$1.00. So I'm assuming that limes are a favorite ingredient in Hispanic cooking.
Habaneros are the ones you have to wear gloves for, but don't touch your eyes after handling peppers of any kind. You might want to try half a jalapeno to start with for Anglo taste buds. Limonada is the most common drink in Mexico and many other parts of Latin America, and it is made with limes. Limes are used in many dishes there as they are indigenous to the are as are avacodos. When I lived in Latin America many years ago it was not the modern industrial culture it is now. We rode horses and mules more than we drove vehicles and paved roads were rare and all the foods we ate were native to the area. Now it is built up and modernized and you hear buses where you used to hear donkeys bray. I liked it better then.

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I've often thought about making guacamole but have not done so, because I'm afraid if I don't like it then I'm stuck with eating it anyway since they are now getting expensive here.

We do have several Hispanic markets here so maybe their stock is much fresher than the stock on the grocery where we normally shop.

Thank you Talon for your hints and for sharing your secret ingredient :)
Hey Strawberry, (sorry for the length)
Here you go..
4 Avocados
1/2 red onion
1-2 cloves of fresh garlic
A few cilantro leaves crushed and diced (a little goes a long way)
Can of green chilies (fresh better)
1-2 limes
1 pint cottage cheese
one small tomatoes chunked

Salt sea or kosher
red pepper powder
onion salt
garlic salt
black pepper

The key to a great guacamole is to allow enough time for the ingredients to blend. I like mixing/serving in a pyrex bowl

*4 Avocados (or more)-- seeded and removed from skin set seed to side.
*1-2 limes cut add juice onto the avocados
*1/2 red onion-- sliced and diced small
*1-2 cloves of fresh garlic--crushed peeled and diced fine.
*Cilantro leaves (Optional) but gives a great flavor to the dip. Take about 9-10 leaves stripped off of the main stems crush one between your finger and smell to get an idea. Put them on your cutting board bruise them and the dice/chop them finely add to dip.

I start to mix the ingredients together at this time,mash or cut. I get the best texture using a butter knife.

*Can of green chilies, you can pick up a small can of Ortega diced chilies in medium or mild. Add the whole small canto the dip fold in.

**Any other brand of canned green chilies will work, also you can get whole green chilies in the can and dice three or four, for your Guacamole.

***If you know how to roast and peel "fresh" green chilies all the better.

*1 pint cottage cheese my secret ingredient. it will double your volume and blends perfectly. mix it all together.

Add any optional spices you want. Salt for sure. I like sea salt of kosher however table salt will do. With Sea/Kosher salt I keep it in a pepper corn grinder works like a champ. I also will add a couple of chitapin' peppers into the grinder with the salt when I want a HOT salt

*Tomatoes-I save them for last due to the high liquid content. I chop them into chunks add them and gently fold them in. Garnish top with several chunks.

Oh stick in the 3 of the avocado seeds it will prevent browning.

Cover and place in fridge for a bit.

Get yourself a bag of corn chips and enjoy.

Guacamole also goes well with carne asada steak. Cut steak in strips lay into flour tortilla thats been heated spoon on some guacamole roll into burrito and eat. Mmmm.

Guacamole is all about taste don't be afraid to experiment with it to fit yours.


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Mmm, I looooove avocados! I grew up with an avocado tree in my backyard. Even year it would produce the yummiest, creamiest, blemish-free avos. Bags and bags full. I used to slice the avo in half, squeeze in some lemon juice to the centre and scoop out it out with a spoon... Straight into my mouth! When I left home I was shocked at the price of them, I'd never realised how expensive they could be (anywhere up to $3 each in aus)!

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The avacados that the store sells are either a very dark green, almost black and also they sell green colored avacados.

Sometimes when I cut them open, even though they appear unblemished from the outside, - the flesh inside is not just green but brown too.
The green and black types don't make much difference. I get either one.

I always buy them hard. After they start to get soft, they will eventually start spoiling. They will start doing that by turning black or brown on the inside. I avoid eating any part discolored. (It always gives me gas.)

On about half of them, if you peel off the skin, the discolored parts will come away with it, very neatly and cleanly.
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