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Hi Justin,

You've received some really great advice. There were some real pearls of wisdom among them: "Be concerned not afraid." "I intend to die with diabetes... not from it" "you are the one in control" "get an exercise program going" "cut back on your carb intake and just start with simple exercise like walking"

There was also lots of good advice about diet. That post from Shanny listing all the 'good' foods made me hungry just thinking about it. I love bacon... and avocado... and a bunch of those other things. But as people have mentioned both the type of food and portion size will be important.

To help you get into good habits you may want to try posting your blood glucose levels and the exercise you've done on the respective threads over in the lounge section. Diabetes Forum Lounge - The Diabetes Forum - Building a New Community to Serve Diabetics Online

A good way to get into this habit may be to do it before or after you check your emails.

From my observation, people who manage their diabetes well tend to live full and happy lives. People who stick their head in the sand... more likely to get those nasty complications. Sounds like you want to be in the former category and are taking some steps to head in the right direction. Try and set yourself up with a good support network, and never let a bad day turn into a bad week... month... year. You can do it!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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